How QkaBid Rewards Auction Works

Win Great Products at up to 100% Off Retail!

Qkabid is a fun and exciting, a fast paced way to score a deal online. You can win all sorts of popular products for up to 100% off. Everyone has the same chance of winning name brand items, TVs, iPads, iPods, etc. Qkabid brings you the best deals of any other auction on the web.

We are proud to be the first Rewards Penny Auction where you can simply earn free bids by shopping at our CFF Brand store.

Bidding to win products is fun and exciting. If you need more bids you can purchase them by clicking on tab on the home page of Qkabid and selecting Buy Sharkie Points. All purchases you make for bids include products that are shipped straight to your door. This way our customers never lose. Never run out of bids, every product you purchase rewards you with Sharkie Points redeemable for bids so you can continue to bid and win.

Never pay for a win!

You will NEVER pay for a product you win at our reward auction. When you win a product at our auction, the only charge to you is for the shipping of the product to your door. This is our way of REWARDING you for being a valued customer of our CFF Brand store.

How Do I Earn Free Bids with Reward Points?

Everyone loves to play, and we want to make shopping fun with our rewards club store. At CFF Brand our motto is; Shop Your Way to Points and Play, It is that simple!

We reward you for many actions and not just for making a purchase

  1. 1000 Sharkie Points are worth 1 USD redeemable for Sharkie Points (Bids)to use at Qkabid Rewards auction.
  2. Join our reward program and earn 1000 Sharkie Points
  3. Spend one dollar (USD) in our store and earn 100 Sharkie Points
  4. Refer a friend and get 1000 Sharkie Points after their first purchase
  5. Accept a friend referral and get 200 Sharkie Points
  6. Earn 2000 Sharkie Points on your next Birthday
  7. Like our Facebook page and get 100 Sharkie Points
  8. Refer a friend and get 1000 Sharkie Points when they join Follow us on Twitter and get 100 Sharkie Points
  9. Invite a friend and get 100 Sharkie Points for each dollar (USD) they spend
  10. Write a product review and get 100 Sharkie Points

Our customers at CFF Brand can redeem your points for bids from your customer dashboard by clicking on redeem points at the bottom of the page. Choose your Sharkie Points Product, Redeem and you go and play at our rewards auction where you compete against other shoppers for the chance to win some pretty awesome products!

Our bidders are using Sharkie Points they have earned from their product purchases at our retail store. If you want to Shop Your Way to Points and Play simply create a customer account at CFF Brand and you can be on your way to earning reward points redeemable for bids. Don’t forget you can make a purchase right from your QkaBid website too.

NOBODY Walks Away Empty Handed at QkaBid Rewards Penny Auction.

How to Bid

Bidding with us is not only fun but its also very easy! Just follow these simple steps to get started and you will be on your way to winning the items you want at 100% off retail, simply using your Sharkie Rewards Points.

  1. Sign up for FREE and Earn Reward Points With Every Purchase You Make. Register today and we’ll reward you with 5 free Sharkie Points to try Qkabid.
  2. Select The Item You Would Like To Bid On
  3. Bidding is easy. Find the item you’re interested in and click BID. Others will be bidding against you so watch the item so you can outbid them!
  4. The last person who places a bid when the clock runs out is the auction winner.
  5. If you run out of Sharkie Points (Bids), you can purchase some Gummie Sharks and get bids immediately delivered to your QkaBid account.

Once your register, be sure to grab your Referral Link and share it with everyone you know! You earn 10 Bids for every new customer you refer to our rewards auction.

You will find your referral link by clicking on MY ACCOUNT, and selecting MY CUSTOMERS.

Welcome to QkaBid where You Shop Your Way to Points & Play