How do I Bid Here?

Pick an auction What will it be? A brand new 42" plasma TV? The latest notebook computer? Or maybe a new leather handbag? Pick your product and go for it! You'll always find a selection of our most exciting auctions on the homepage, or you can browse through the categories to find just what you're looking for.

You will purchase Sharkie Points (bids) from within Qkabid OR you will purchase products at to earn Reward Points. Those Reward Points will be used to pay for Sharkie Points(bids). Each of the bids increases the price of the item by one penny (0.01 USD, 1¢). Every time a Qkabid customer bids, the timer on the auction starts over again at 20 seconds.

Most of Qkabid auctions are Reserve Auctions. Reserve Auction is  where Qkabid will set a minimum dollar amount for the auction. Qkabid will accept this minimum dollar amount as the winning bid in the auction.  No customer will know what the minimum dollar amount of any auction is set.  The auction's starting price starts at 1 cents and will continue until the minimum dollar amount (reserve price) has been achieved. Once the reserve price has been met, the last bidder will win the auction unless customers continue to bid. In that case, the last bidder will win the auction.

Unlike other Penny Auction sites, with Qkabid, the customers will NOT have to pay Qkabid the ending price of the auction! That is correct. The customer with the winning bid will receive a 100% discount code to be applied to the product purchase at on checkout. All you will pay for is the shipping cost.

Welcome to Qkabid!

Sharkie Points Packages

  • CFF Sharkie Points Mini $30.00
  • CFF Sharkie Points Small $50.00
  • CFF Sharkie Points Medium $125.00
  • CFF Sharkie Points Large $300.00